Outage Alert Hotline

(844) 965-1319

During an electrical outage, Cowlitz PUD’s focus is to restore power as quickly as possible. To assist us in restoring power, we ask that customers please call the Outage Alert Hotline at (844) 965-1319.

Customers calling the hotline will get a quick response and receive pertinent outage information provided they have an accurate phone number on file with the PUD.

The Outage Alert Hotline’s automated system is based on primary phone numbers. It recognizes the caller, asks for address verification and logs information. The system will not work properly without an accurate primary phone number, so please provide up-to-date contact information by calling the PUD at (844) 965-1319.

The Outage Map utilizes technology from Cowlitz PUD’s Outage Management System and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Legend includes individual outages and regional outages. Click on the map for information about each incident or regional statistics. The data is updated regularly throughout the day.